Tuesday, October 31, 2006


November is a time to Give Danks. Yep. That's mine. It's trademarked. ...

For the whole month of November, the proceeds from The Doug Dank Project are going directly to the charity of the guest monologist's choice!

Here's the lineup!
November 1st - Tommy Housworth! for Girl Fight Club (healthcare fund for three cancer survivors)

November 8th - Andisheh Nouraee everyone's favorite Creative Loafing writer person- for Animal Action Rescue

November 15th - Matt Chapman co-creator of Homestar Runner! for The Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation

November 22nd- Carol Mitchel - actress, director - for Hosea Williams Feed the Hungry

November 29th- Kim Wall- actress/comedienne/model - for Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research

Every Wednesday night, at push push in decatur. www.thedougdankproject.com www.pushpushtheater.com

About 45 minutes long.
$10 -This month only
starts @10:00 pm
cheap drinks!
hot cookies!
cold beer!


Anonymous Chad said...

Baby girl... what are you guys doing the weekend before Christmas? I'm flying in from La La land the Thursday before Christmas and I'm dying GOOD theatre fix and see everyone!

I hope you are well!


3:52 AM  

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