Monday, December 18, 2006

"Maybe she was just forgotten to death"

I have a new favorite tv show.
And a new weird crush.

Unfortunately, the show only comes on at 4:00am Fridays and 1:00 am Sundays on WSB
And it was cancelled in 2005.
Actually, strike that, i don't think it's cancelled.
And it's Canadian.
In fact, it's like a super-duper good Law & Order, or maybe more of a CSI. Actually, it's like the two mixed. But Canadian. And, like i said, super-duper good.
It's called Da Vinci's Inquest.


It stars Nicholas Campbell (The Brood, Naked Lunch, et al). I totally forgot about this guy. He's...well, if i used the word "terrific," i'd say "terrific." but i reserve "terrific" for bad things. It's the only way i can use it. sorry.
I immediately thought of nene.
This show is seemingly MADE for him.
This show ran from 1998 - 2005, and i never ever heard of it.

It just sits in places for awhile. They don't jump to conclusions, the clues don't miraculously lead the people to the answer like in most of today's shows. It's a little more internal. Lets the characters just talk at times, but the talking's tight. There was this one shot that followed Dominic Da Vinci (I LOVE HIM, seriously a weirdo crush for me), former detective turned coroner, with a police officer, as they made their way, pretty slowly, through some thorny vines sort of behind a fence. You could hardly see them, but it was a scene. They made little comments, they were very real, it told you a lot about their characters, it was hilarious. Nicholas Campbell, who plays Dominic Da Vinci is a cross between George Faughnan and Dan's Uncle Bill McMullen, with a Buffalo, NY/Canadian accent. He is completely lovable, yet ...i don't know. ...mysterious?

Here's a website with a trailer.
They call Dominic Da Vinci the "Charismatic, controversial and mercurial Coroner"
All the actors i've seen on it are great. I've only seen 2 episodes! but i'm totally hooked.
They openly talk about things like safe injection sites for iv drug users, letting a couple junkie hookers out in the park to score their fix, etc... well, like i said, only seen 2 episodes.
In the "Multimedia" section on the website, they have a short, but interesting little behind the scenes clip, where the writer Chris Haddock, talks about being able to stop and change things during production if he sees something developing that wasn't written.

There's another character besides Dominic (WHO I LOVE) who is really great, named Ian Tracey. A detective who remains so mysterious and understated, yet you listen to every word and try to interpret every action with him, the role is very well acted.


Blogger ablebody said...

is faughnan the loveable side or the mysterious side? or can da vinci also put his feet behind his head? or did bill mcmullen once say "piston-piston, engine-engine" for an hour straight?
simply trying to connect george to these guys.

9:55 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

from rp:
"Yeah, I don't get the faughnan connection either.

The good news is: I've seen the show, and I, too, am a fan. The first
episode I saw, I thought it was just your standard, run of the mill
police procedural, then I noticed the jazz riffs. Like Coltrane. Not
really matching the action onscreen, but really kinda enhancing it.

Then I got it. It was like real life. Boring like a cop's job must be.
Depressing like a cop's life surely is.

And the mechanic girl from Firefly plays DaVinci's daughter.

I love her."

12:49 AM  
Blogger maryk said...

george thing is purely physical/visual. Every once in a while there's a facial similarity.


12:50 AM  

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