Sunday, January 07, 2007

I think you should

In the new year, i'm going to transfer more of my beliefs and likes and wants onto you. I'm tired of being alone in my always-right world.
Ya gotta eat.
We all know that. since checker's told us.

Go out and buy at least the first book in the Philip Pullman trilogy His Dark Materials. (I guess the film is called The Golden Compass, which is the first book in the trilogy) Or, if you know what a "library" is--you can borrow books and things from these buildings for free if you bring them back on time--get it from there. I have a feeling you'll get the next two. You will find them in the "young adults" section, though i think i would get a little lost in them were i a young adult reading them for the 1st time.

I am going to read them again, and hopefully get through them before the MOVIE comes out. Which looksl ike December 2007. And it looks like it's gonna be gooooooood. Sort of like Harry Potter, but the hero is a girl, and to me it's a little more dynamic, and everyone has a "daemon"--an animal companion that...well, i won't say anymore on that-- and the villain is sort of RELIGION. Many people didn't want the film made, as you can imagine.

The screenplay was written by Chris Weitz ("About a Boy"), who is also directing after some flip-flopping on the director decision. He said: "I grew up on Tolkien but this, to be honest, leaves him in the dust as far as ambition and philosophical depth...." Well now....
The best part for me is that the lead is not being played by Dakota Fanning! Or her sister! Though her name is Dakota. Must be a pre-requisite. She's a relative unknown, and she's actually British. Once you read the books, you will wonder HOW IN THE HELL they put on a staged version in London. Hard enough to fathom a film. Done well. One of my favorite parts? Ian McShane will voice Iofur Raknison, a " panserbjørn "---an armor-wearing, intelligent polar bear. Awwwwesome.

Here are some more pictures. I originally balked at the casting of Nicole Kidman for Mrs. Coulter (not related to Steve....that i KNOW of), but on second thought she's probably perfect. Did I just type that?

I am so being a NERD right now. I really love the story. The books. Hope the film's great. It should be fun, at the very least. I cried when i had no more to read in the trilogy.

You should too.


Blogger Overdroid said...

Mary you are a complete dork. But so am I so I will take your advice and do as you have told me. So mote it be!

3:58 AM  
Blogger Overdroid said...

Are you going to see Pan's Labyrinth?

5:20 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

OOOOoooooh Ooooh ooh! I am now! Just watched the trailer. Haven't really heard much about this. Heard OF it, but honestly, this genre has never really been that big, I just happened to have been turned on to those books (HDM by PP) and am in wild anticipation of the film. But this looks awesome, too! so, YES!

1:56 PM  

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