Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This week in Dank

Next round of Danks!
This Wednesday, December 20th: admission is $5
Jeffrey Charlton! Look, there's Jeffrey on the left with Winnie from The Wonder Years! Jeffrey is a guy who i seem to have only met a year or so ago, but feel like i met a long time ago. There's something very familiar about him. I've always felt like i've known him. IT'S WEIRD! ...in a great way.
He's an pianist, actor, photographer and currently works at People Store, a talent agency in Atlanta. Very funny, very friendly guy. Come out and see this!
See his full bio HERE.

Friday, December 22nd, AT 8:00pm: (in conjunction with Holiday on Thin Ice- Doug Dank is 1st half) admission is $12
Steve Yockey's back in town! Apparently. He's monologized like 3 times before, i think, before moving up to NYC to pursue a masters in playwriting. Or something like that. His stories are always very detailed and great, making for some excellent long-form improv.

Saturday, December 23rd, AT 8:00pm: (in conjunction with Holiday on Thin Ice- Doug Dank is 1st half) admission is $12
Stephen Scarborough, aka Steve Platinum, is back! This guy has an endless supply of the most ridiculous true personal stories I've ever heard. Jeeeeezooos! Worth the price of admission just for the stories!


Anonymous chad said...

I'm coming Friday night!! (I'll be hopped up on goofballs and Starbucks from the flight from LA). Are you going to be there?

Must go out afterwards!

5:23 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

Chad, gonna try to be there. not sure! UGGHH! bringing my dad back up from savannah today. still in savannah right now. not sure if i'll be able to get out tonight. that sucks. monday night - new year i'm good. dangit!

10:30 AM  

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