Friday, February 02, 2007


The cartoon network thing. Yep. My official opinion? I like Boston a little less, now. But i doubt they care. I've always been partial to the Cape, and they know it. North Falmouth rulez 4eva!

I hope the movie does well, even though i'm not in it. ...

I know some of my friends don't especially find Squidbillies funny. That's ok. I think it's funny. But again, I'm fully partial because it employs me part time from time to time, and hopefully for more time than less time, next season.
Yep. There will be a season 3.
Yep. There will be a Seasons 1 and 2 (together) DVD sometime this summer.

I've had a freaking blast this week filming some stuff for the special features.
Exactly the kind of stuff I wish I could do every day.
Not necessarily the same character, but, you get what i'm saying.
We did commentary over some episodes. Always a bit awkward. But they filled us full of beer and pizza and beer and beer.

Met Danny Baker, who plays "Early Cuyler" my character's special so-n-so.
He is a musician who goes by the name of "Unknown Hinson" and he's a super nice guy. Super talented guitarist.

He'll be at the Star Bar this Saturday night.
Like tomorrow night.
I'm going.

He has a ventriloquist doll named "Itty Bitty Hinson" that he carved HIMSELF with matching suit, chops and eyebrows.



Blogger Mat said...


So excited to hear that Squidbillies is coming out on DVD! And I do hope that your character makes it into more episodes for season three. The ones that you're in tend to be my favorites.

So that's the guy who voice Early? Not at all what I expected.

5:31 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

Yeah, meeting Unknown was crazy. Until you get used to it all, i found myself (and others) just kinda looking around with a puzzled, yet pleased, look(s) on my(our) face(s).

There will be a ton of extras on this dvd.

5:44 PM  
Anonymous John J. said...

lawl (i've been saying that like the whole week... what the hell?) But honestly... I think Penn Jillette helped add a new word to my personal dictionary: Massholes. :D

Good to hear about the Divduh... hopefully i'll have that Squids website I promised Dave up sometime between now and my death. x_x

5:59 PM  
Blogger Mat said...

Do you know anything about Squidbillies being available on iTunes? I seriously cannot wait for this DVD...

What else does Unknown do? I searched for him on but didn't see anything else that he's been in. He looks insane but in a good kind of way. I think.

8:21 PM  
Blogger Overdroid said...

People like this only exist in the South. It's one thing the South has going for it. I have to go now and worship satan via my cell phone. Let's do lunch!

3:17 AM  

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