Monday, June 30, 2008

Vince Canlas at the Doug Dank Project, July 2nd

the official Doug Dank bio from the Doug Dank site:

As an Atlanta-based actor since the mid 80's, Vince Canlas has worked in just about all areas of the "talent" category, whether it be on-camera, on stage, on the mic or as a back/torso model for a Kimberly-Clark product. He claims, to stay busy, it's sometimes about niche marketing, so he has no qualms about working the "Token Asian" angle in productions.

When Vince is not in front of the camera, he is behind it working as a video producer and in-house photographer for INPO, a non-profit organization that works with nuclear utilities to ensure the safe and reliable operation of nuclear plants.

He is the proud father of a 14 year old son, Branden, who's followed in his Dad's interest in acting.

Vince is also a Leo.

How weird! I was a back and torso model for "Colleen's Smock Locker" in downtown Slampsberg! WEIRD.

Come on out:


10pm - 11pm

PushPush Theater


UGH! Sorry! he just has so many awesome pics


Blogger stacey said...

i'll come to the show if he promises to not wear a shirt. sorry, i'm a pig.

8:22 PM  

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