Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dramaturgy sounds more like an adjective

and Dramaturg has always sounded to me like a monster that lurks in the wings of a theater on dark nights. a Dark Knight of Dark Nights, i guess.

Freddie Ashley will board the S.S. Doug Dank Project, and commandeer the helm, and pilfer--nay, purloin-- the emotional booty from the treasure chests of our hearts.

well, he'll be telling stories. stories that will inspire improv. which will inspire stories. which will inspire improv. ayyye, we're stuck in the swirling waters of the bermuda triangle! WHAT am i talking about? JEEEZus.

where: PushPush Theater, Decatur
When: Wednesday, July 23rd, 10pm
How much: ONLY $5!
Secret Deal: FREE COOKIES TO THE FIRST 2 Dozen or so people!

here's the official bio:

Freddie Ashley is Artistic Director of Actor's Express in Atlanta. He has directed the AE productions of Hedwig and the Angry Inch, When Something Wonderful Ends, dark play or stories for boys (Atlanta Journal-Constitution Top Ten of 2007), The Great American Trailer Park Musical, I Am My Own Wife (AJC Top Ten of 2007) and The Last Sunday in June. As an actor, he has appeared in AE’s productions of Burn This and Jane Eyre. Prior to joining Actor's Express, he was Literary Manager of the Alliance Theatre (recipient of the 2007 Regional Theatre Tony Award). Other directing credits include The Last Schwartz (Jewish Theatre of the South); A Man of No Importance (Theatre Gael – AJC Best Musical Revival of 2004); Lawrenceburg (World Premiere, Dad’s Garage – AJC Top Ten of 2006); and numerous shows with Aurora Theatre including Lend Me a Tenor, As It Is In Heaven, Moon Over Buffalo, Waving Goodbye, Wait Until Dark, Glorious (American Premiere) and Camelot. Freddie has worked as a dramaturg developing new plays at the Alliance, as well as the New York companies The New Group and Page 73 Productions. He has received the Elliott Hayes Award for Dramaturgy from the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas and a first-ever Arts Encouragement Award from the Charles Loridans Foundation. Freddie is a cum laude graduate of Shorter College with a BFA in Theatre, holds an MFA in Performance from the University of Southern Mississippi and serves as an adjunct instructor at Kennesaw State University.


Blogger Zak in the ATL said...

That Freddie guy's HAWT!

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