Monday, September 08, 2008

I didn't even write this post

rene did.
it's the newsletter.
and i'm having trouble even just copying and pasting.

This week The Doug Dank Project is proud to have local hero* Mike Brune join Matt and Dan this week while George is in rehearsals for Cannibal at Dad's Garage, Amber is mending a broken hand, and Rene is in Toronto performing his live improvised cartoon, The Saturday Morning Pajama Jam.

*That scene at the end of The Outsiders where Ralph Machhio saves all those kids from a burning building was based on Mike's own personal experience. Stay Gold Mike.

Wednesday, September 10th at 10pm
Tom is a professional producer and editor in the Atlanta area. He's worked on a nature documentary show for Georgia Public Broadcasting and currently works in the commercial world. An independent filmmaker as well as an improvisor at Dad's Garage, this will be Tom's debut as a monologist in The Doug Dank Project.

~~~~I think that might be an untruth. i think this is his second time.

and i like this picture of him much, much better.


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