Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Get Downsized

There we go...

The Top Shelf Series continues as Dad's Garage presents the Regional Premiers of Get Downsized! Join the insanity of this hilarious, scathing and completely non-verbal glimpse into passive-aggressive office politics. In a world where "communication" is king, words are for amateurs. After all, there are far more subversive ways to drive your co-workers insane.

Featuring: Scott Warren, Sloane Warren, Christian Danley, Josh Ford and Mary Kraft
So, not sure how "scathing" or "hilarious" this "insanity" is/will be, but it's different! And it seems to be funny, we really need an audience, more than just Tim giggling politely at this point. I don't blame him. He's seen it a million times.
Opening is this Friday, February 17th. It says Thursday sneak peek, but I've heard this will not be a paying audience show for anyone. So don't show up, goddamnit. Not on Thursday. But starting Friday, it's on.
Looks like we run Friday/Saturday through March 11, with a matinee on Feb. 26th, and an Industry Night/Pay What You Can show Monday, Feb. 27th.
No words. Just physical stuff. Bits, if you will.
1 hour long. Starting at 8:00. No intermission. Get in, get out, go out, hook up, go home, throw up, pass out, wake up, repeat.
Top Shelf space (in the back) of Dad's Garage Theatre.


Blogger rp said...

ooh! the clean air bear's in it? I'm there like cher.

5:32 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

YES, he IS. Actually, we did a vo session for the show, and for whatever reason, all of us felt sick the next day. In fact, Josh had to do the bear job next day at a school, felt ill, and started to dart outside. A teacher was in his way, but he had to stay in character, so he said in the bear voice "hoowah hoowah, I'm gonna be SICK!" and pushed her out of the way, ran outside, pulled the head off, and puked. He looked around and a bunch of kids were staring at him through the window with horror on their faces. I love it.

5:37 PM  

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