Monday, February 06, 2006

James Frey's Latest Memoir

David Cross:
James Frey's memoir of happenings since the Oprah show, "Lesson Learned".

"I left the Harpo studios in Chicago in a state of shock. ...." (click to read more)

it ends:
"... After that he killed me.

More To Come Later,
James Frey"


Blogger ablebody said...

i'll tell you why he wrote that: david cro$$ is trying to cash in. has the kike-spiracy theory been exposed in all it's horned glory for you? if there's a coattail to be ridden (or hemmed) a jew is certainly nearby. at a temple-mo$que. i hear "nickel and dimed to death" blows the lid off the great zionist plan to overthrow our change-based economy.
wait. the audition is over. i'm not that guy any more. i'm not that guy anymore.
wait. i never was that guy. shit, man. i ain't got no excuse.

3:37 PM  
Blogger rp said...

I'm not even gonna try to follow that up. Anti-semitism wins again!

5:53 PM  

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