Thursday, February 23, 2006

what do you think?

As I was just leaving a really extra stupid commercial audition, my train of thought went through a number of horrible tunnels. It finally came to a halt on "I really want to stop caring what other people think of me."

Now, just 20 minutes later, I'm posting my Johari window for all of you.

Johari Window is this

Maybe one of the first adjectives you should pick is flip-flop-y.

Or, for those of you "brave" enough, a Nohari window.


A self-proclaimed personality flaw map!....Even worse!

Here's where you can pick me apart.

Scary thing is, I picked out my 6 perceived flaws a lot quicker than the regular old personality traits.

Well, gotta run to an audition where I'm playing a high-end car salesperson who talks with a headset and uses the word "terrific."
Who uses the word "terrific?"
Apparently a high-end car salesperson named...Darlene uses the word "terrific."


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