Monday, November 20, 2006

Happy Danksgiving!

(photo by Stacey Bode)

This Wednesday at The Doug Dank Project is Carol Mitchell, big-time, long-time local actress (stage and film) and director. Her charity of choice for Doug Dank is Hosea Williams' Feed the Hungry. If you're in Atlanta, I know you know about it. If you're not in Atlanta and able to come to the show, please consider making an easy and secure donation for their HUGE Thanksgiving dinner for the homeless. They are in need, as are the people they are trying to help.
If you are going to be in Atlanta for Thanksgiving, please please consider coming to this show. It's a great way to make a donation, without even really feeling like it's just giving $$. You get a great show as well.
10 pm
Push Push Theatre!
PLEASE REPOST or email your friends.

Carol is currently serving as Interim Chair for the Department of Speech Communication and Theatre Arts at Clark Atlanta University. As a professional actor and director, she has appeared in over 25 productions and has directed 10 shows. She is a member of Equity Actor's Association and the Atlanta Coalition of Theatres. Carol has been the recipient of "Best Actress" awards from the critics of Atlanta Journal and Constitution, Creative Loafing and Saturday Papers. She has received the Jenny's "Best Director" awards for "Mahalia" and "Raisin in the Sun".

Her film credits include "Diary of a Mad Black Woman", "Fried Green Tomatoes", "My Life in Idlewild", "White Lies", "Queen", "Juwanna Man", "Getting Out" and "Mama Flora's Family". She has served on the board of Actor's Express, Atlanta Bureau of Cultural Affairs, and National Kidney Foundation. She was recently awarded "Best Director" for the play "Mahalia" by the Suzi Awards (Atlanta's Awards in Theatre).


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