Saturday, October 01, 2005

Dream Themes -- Mean Sometheeeng?

A recurring theme in my dreams is tornados. That's not a good one, as themes go.
I even dreamt once that my ex-boyfriend's family lived in my home in Savannah, they were my family, and a tornado was outside. I told them to get in the closet with me, and the only one that listened was his (my) father. We knelt in the closet til it passed, and when we climbed out, nobody was around, but there was a framed picture of them and the glass was broken over everyone's face but his, which in the dream signified that he was the only one that survived. ....Now maybe they'll listen to me! **Edit:** I almost forgot the best/worst/weirdest part! About a week and a half later, their whole neighborhood in Dunwoody was sort of wiped out by that storm that blew through there. The meteorawwlorologists were hesitant to ever say there were tornadoes. I think they settled on straight-line winds. Well, whatever the f#%$ they were, they picked trees up out of the ground and threw them across the TOP of the house and into the neighbor's back yard. You could trace the trajectory. So many pine trees just snapped off and tossed several lawns away. One rather large tree fell onto my ex's family's roof, smashing it in. But they were relatively lucky, especially since they were IN the house, hiding in the basement. The dad must've told them about my good idea.

My most recurring dream theme is skiing. That's a really good one--even though most of the time in these dreams I'm trying, trying to get onto the mountain before the lifts close, or before the snow melts, and often don't ever make it.
But the times I do get up there, it is as good or better than the actual thing.
Usually I'm a better skier, asleep, too.

There are times that I'm driving on a hilly road and I imagine I'm skiing.
Damn. I love skiing.
I lived in Steamboat Springs, CO (picture above) for 2 winters in the early 90's. To even think about it now is like remembering a really good dream. Only pieces come back, really, and they don't tell the whole story, but a complete mental image is formed, my mood is changed, and that's good enough for me.
It's just so damn expensive. That's why I rarely get back there. Maybe that's why I rarely get there in my dreams.
But my best friend, Leslie, saw some pictures of me from my last ski trip this past January to Copper Mountain, CO and made the comment that I looked happy. "I never see you smile like that here."
That really stumped me for a while.
I didn't believe her.
But it's pretty much true.
And that's not great.
I'm not UN-happy here. I love my boyfriend. And my friends. And it's nice to have my dad so close. But....

No wonder I love skiing. It makes me happy. I thought I just loved the skiing. I love the being happy just as much.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to have tornado dreams a lot. And tsunami dreams where I'm standing on the beach screaming for my family to turn around and see the 200 foot high wave behind them and *run*

I've only been sking twice. Once was with a theatre company that was doing "Glass Menagerie" (I was playing Amanda), at Winter Park. They paid us with a free day of skiing. 3 of us had never been before, 3 were experienced skiers - we paired up for training, then the experienced folks went off to hit the moguls. One of the inexperienced couldn't take it anymore, so he went back. but the guy playing my son and I had *THE BEST TIME*

The next time I went with Skip and my son, both good skiers. I got discouraged so quit early. It's no fun being with people who are much better at it. Someday I'll try again. :)

Your blog makes me happy. Seeing Matt in a Ninja Turtle suit makes me exceedingly happy.


4:00 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

Skiing is ridiculously fun, but yes, not so much if you're just tossed out there or tagging along (and behind, scared to death) with someone better than you---unless that person has TONS of patience. I don't. Well, I have 3/4 of one day's worth of helping patience. But it's too expensive to not enjoy to its fullest. And it's something that I think can fully be enjoyed by oneself. I LOVE the lift rides. Professional lessons and repetition are almost manditory. THEN, you can join the friends.

Weird how most people's tsunami dreams are all about giant TALL waves---I had so much trouble wrapping my head around the Thailand wall of water. I thought, how could that be so powerful?
I think Stacey's gonna do mine and Leslie's headshots.

4:58 PM  

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