Saturday, November 05, 2005

The Cap'n was here!

Today's top news stories are seeming funny to me, when in fact, they are rather serious.

First of all, there's the inmate on a Texas death row for murder charges who somehow slipped out of handcuffs, put on his clothes from his court appearance, showed guards state employee identification, made his way to the LOBBY, and walked out of the prison's doors like a regular joe. The police are saying the cause is 100% human error.

Secondly, a cruise ship off the coast of Somalia was attacked by ......pirates! I love it! The ship's Cap'n apparently thwarted the attack. HOW?! How do you train someone for that? DO they train for that? I think part of the reason I think this story's kinda funny is that I was just watching Johnny Depp the other night in Pirates of the Caribbean. Now that's a fun pirate! I'd go so far as to say, that Jack Sparrow's one pirate we can all get behind. Literally. What? One site says, "Pirates have launched 23 attacks against ships off anarchic Somalia since March 15..." Wow. Cnn's pirate story reported "The cruise ship eventually outran the pirates' boats...." and that only one person had minor injuries.

See, just harmless news, it's okay to laugh. Nobody got hurt. Wait. Well....

But you know they're gonna catch that guy. And we all know what Texas likes to do. And it's not what Las Vegas likes to do. Well, it's kinda like that, but just with electricity and it's not just your thumb. So it's kinda the same thing. Again, America shines in the eyes of the world.


Anonymous Josie said...

My first thought about the pirates was, "Does this mean the end of global warming?"

*fierce hugs*

2:48 PM  
Blogger cruchic said...

pretty funny. do they still walk the plank and have parrots? or are these emo or hipster pirates? it does make a diff.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous SkipHuffman said...

So what is the difference between a pirate and a carjacker?

3:43 PM  
Blogger ablebody said...

let's see if i can remember it:
captain morgan's exploits were as legendary as his thirst. born of a parrot and a beard, morgan traveled the seven seas in search of the perfect rum. spiced rum, made with rum and of course spiced. the next time you raise a mug of pure rum to your lips, pause... and think of a beard and a parrot having sex.

4:12 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

I give up, Skip, what IS the difference between a pirate and a hijacker?

..oooh, this is gonna be good.
...this better be good. this gonna be good? this a joke?
...that wasn't a joke.

6:00 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

and matt.....what was all of THAT?!?! Whatever it was, it made me laugh. a lot. Out loud. LALOL, I guess you'd say.

6:05 PM  
Blogger ablebody said...

i used to drink a lot of rum. and i had the story of captain morgan (ez digest version from the bottle label) memorized at one point.
i sent them an email if they could tell me what the bottle in the early 90's read. i'm waiting for a reply and if it arrives, i will post it in big fuckin' bold letters.

1:02 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

That Houdini poster looks like he's standing in a hair follicle.


2:31 PM  

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