Tuesday, October 25, 2005


Since I couldn't (didn't) go to my film's premiere in Austin, I decided to go to the premiere for the new Adult Swim series, Squidbillies, and celebrate enough for both projects. Wow. I just kept thinking, well, if Shallow-Pockets-Turner is gonna spring for an open bar, I'm not gonna insult anyone by not trying to drink all of the beer in the place.
That's just the kind of girl I am. I was raised with that kind of integrity. I'd go so far as to say steely integrity.
Or maybe steely liver, full of integrity, and by integrity, I mean beer..
Or it was a steely liver. Again, wow.

Dan ended up not being able to go, so I went by myself, and luckily Clunky and his lady were there, then in walked c-dub, then Dana S.(the girl) so I was set--that would've been a fine enough party even without the for-the-most-part-too-cool-to-talk-to-you Cartoon Network Adult Swim crowd. Man, I forget how "uncool" I am until I'm placed up against the "cool" crowd. Maybe many of them were uncomfortable because it was a work party? But I got the cold shoulder a few times until whoever I was with said, "Mary is in Squidbillies and Raydon." "Ohhhhhhh" and suddenly I was worth talking to for a couple minutes. Not everyone is like this, but more than there should be.

I watched the ass-kissing, too. There was a lot of ass-kissing. Dave and Matt of Aqua Teen were constantly getting their asses kissed. And poor Dana Snyder (the guy), who plays Master Shake. I never saw him without several kids hanging on him. But he's really good like that. He enjoys it, I think, and is very gracious and always friendly. Always. And he's a huge Ted Knight fan, which automatically makes him ok in my book.

They screened "Raydon!" which is a short script (actually shot on film) that Dave and Matt have had around for years. I remember reading it like 5 or so years ago. Turner finally told them they'd pay to shoot it if they'd put it on the next ATHF dvd. Of course they would. I play Dave's wife, and we have a raydon leak in our new house. Casey Willis is hilarious as Dr. Chen who comes to diagnose the problem. Matt and Dave are really funny, too. Matt's great on camera, very subtle. I am not.

The Squidbillies show was the 2nd of 6 episodes, and it was one that I was not in at all. Apparently last week's show I was in briefly, maybe one line, and then I was in a live-action info-mercial type thing about some baby product. We shot that at Williams St. and we actually used Dave's baby, Max---he really is a cute damn baby.

My character in the other episodes, Krystal, is a horrendous 500 lb. woman (not squid) with a mullet and racing stripes shaved into the side of her head who lives at the dump on an old used mattress and drinks soda from a giant "sippy cup" all day long. It's sort of like "Snatch" but maybe after a stroke. I wish I had a picture of the character to put here, it's disgusting. I had a great time doing the voice, and it makes me feel very good that those guys like the character. Dana (the guy) said it's like they brought a drunk street person in and put her in front of the microphone.

I've never felt like they really think I'm all that funny, just that I'm a reasonably funny person who happens to be a girl, who happens to not be very girl-y and they admittedly don't know many girls, which makes my worth go up. So, anyway, that makes me feel good. I also feel pretty good about them saying that the next season they'd like to use me in a lot of episodes. I hope that wasn't just the free booze talking, and that Turner keeps digging deeper in those pockets.


Anonymous clunky said...

cool people are jerks.

2:13 PM  
Blogger k said...

Dig, Teddy, DIG! And about Teds, Ted Knight is absolutely the best. Did you ever go to that America's Most Wanted audition?! I've been curious about that.

6:27 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

answered you on your blog!

6:43 PM  
Blogger Josie said...

You are funny Darlin', and more subtle than you realize.

Ted Knight was funny too. As was Betty White. :D

4:24 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

I am such a whiner. I just re-read that. They were at their work party and had no idea who I was and why should they? I was just being self-centered. And I was feeling O-L-D.

3:12 PM  

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