Saturday, October 22, 2005

I got a haircut. Bad. ly.

Bangs! It seemed like a good idea. I wanted a change, and well, I got it.
Comments I've received:
"well, look at you!"
"do you like it?"
"Nice bangs"
"fantastic [sam's] haircut"
"you look like a mom"
"you look 12 years old," followed by:
"but it's good to shake things up"
"you look like Julia Roberts..." "Well, that's not ---" " Tinkerbell."
2 x "where's Mary Kraft?!"
and from a lesbian, "you look gorgeous."

"she's a handsome woman."
"it's ...fetching"
"you've done something with your hair."

I used two pictures from a magazine (the one above is not one of them) to show the girl who cut my hair what I was looking for, and said "Anything in this arena, and I'll be happy." I lied.
Even she said as she handed me the mirror, swiveled the chair around and made a squinty-eyed-is-that-ok? look, "It'll take some getting used to." I told her yes, indeed, especially since I haven't had bangs since 1983.

her: "THAT was the year I was BORN!"



Blogger ablebody said...

erp.. it's hard to say anything nice, so i just won't say anything. or by not saying anything, have i just said something? i'll say this: that i said anything REALLY means something. nice.

3:44 PM  
Blogger Josie said...

The last time I had bangs the stylist I went to at the time said something about looking like I belonged on "the short bus."

4:20 PM  

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