Friday, February 24, 2006

Dekalb Electronics Recycling Day

Man, look how scared that computer is. And the guy, well, he doesn't wanna do it, he just doesn't know any better. But you do!
March 4, 2006
Residents can once again keep
their old computers and cell
phones out of the landfill by
bringing them to DeKalb
County's Electronic Recycling
Event, Saturday, March 4, 2006 from
9AM – 1PM.
Keep DeKalb Beautiful and DeKalb
County Public Works

Department will staff two drop-off sites:
• Tom Scott Building parking lot on Memorial Drive
• Brook Run Park in Dunwoody
During the last electronic recycling event in October, DeKalb
residents brought in more than 58,870 pounds of electronic items,
including more than 400 monitors and 500 CPUs. What an excellent
beginning for our County.
Electronics account for 2 to 5% of the County's landfill volume. We
encourage you to help participate in our efforts in Keeping DeKalb


• Computer Monitors • Computer CPUs
• Laptops • Disk Drives
• Floppy Drives • Test & Network Equipment
• Modems • Circuit Boards
• Typewriters • CD Roms
• Cables • 8 Tracks
• Mouse • Video Machines
• Stereos • VCRs
• Cell Phones • CB Radios
• Record Players • Scanners
• Speakers • Keyboards
• Can Openers • Camcorders
• Cameras • Toasters
• Televisions ($10.00 charge)

For more information on accepted items, please call
Keep Dekalb Beautiful at 404-371-2654.

Here's some more info
on electronics recycling.

I called to make sure it wasn't ONLY for Dekalb residents, and
the gal said, actually, she didn't know. But she couldn't imagine
turning anyone away. So....


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