Sunday, October 09, 2005

Retail Logo Alphabet Game

Kinda fun. My friend Anne sent this to me. Most of the ones I knew were related to food.... I've figured out a few since this afternoon, just from noticing them while I was out and about today. Also kinda scary.

Click on the pic above to go to the logo alphabet quizzzzes. There are 4 of them. The most I got in one quiz was 15. Most disturbing is that you can get the answers to the first 3 editions, but he's started CHARGING like $4 on Pay Pal to get hints and answers to the last one. What a douche!

*UPDATE*: Someone has posted some answers to the 4th edition online at


Blogger ablebody said...

that's plain effed up. we played the 80's game at z & tif's last night. kinda similar. we are chock full of trivia.
i wish i cared more.
i was listening to arlo guthrie (woody's son) the other day. a live version of 'i don't wanna pickle' - he says "it's amazing how long i've been singing such a dumb song. even more amazing that a man can make a living singing such a dumb song. but that's america."

10:40 PM  

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