Friday, February 27, 2009

gas bill??

is everyone's gas bill as terribly high as our's?

just wondering.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

CUSTOM, embellished SNUGGIES!

via my friend gayle:

Snuggies just got shittier....

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

the neighborhood

A guy raking/bagging at the house next door, a couple months ago, offered to do our front yard for $20. Dan took him up on it. Pretty good deal, except that it took him all day --he hems and haws, talks to himself, pees in the bushes, and is generally what you'd kind of call "a little crazy."

what he didn't finish, he finished at 7am the next morning...i know this b/c i was up with the baby, and was like---OH GOD! when i saw him outside the front window. He was working, but it was still shocking...and i had to relocate the nursing session....

He was back next door a few days ago, and told dan, "i'll do the yard for $30."

There are less leaves now, and the price has gone up $10....

Dan reminded him it was $20 last time, to which the guy said, "$30."
Dan countered with "$25."
The guy muttered "come on, man."
Dan held firm, and the guy, of course, agreed.
He really does look like he needs the money. He doesn't look so good in the health area.
Dan pays him up-front, same as last time.

He hemmed and hawed, again, raking a few leaves here and there.

It started to sprinkle. Dan told him he's welcome to come back tomorrow b/c of the rain.

"Nah, man, i'm good."

Making a pile here, bagging a pile there.
Walking a big circle around the lawn.
Talking. To himself.
Throwing the rake down in disgust, it seemed-- Several times.
Picking it up, continuing.
Drinking a Schlitz Malt Liquor Bull, crushing the can and leaving it in the driveway...
(follow that link---now THAT'S a commercial!)

He did this for I'd say 4 hours. Maybe 5.

Then all of a sudden he was gone.

Very little actual yard work, actually done.

He never came back.

Until today. 3 days later. A woman drove him here, i guess. And she waited for him while he raked/bagged. In the cold. And he finished it all up in like an hour.

I don't get it.