Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Canadians are coming................

Do you know Canadians? They're funny. Well, at least these ones are. And any others that i've ever met. ANd they're not here all that often. And they're pretty brilliant improvisors. At least these ones are. And any others that i've ever met.

They'll be in town for the dad's garage world domination improv tournament this weekend, but FIRST, they'll be telling stories for the great Doug Dank!! Not sure which one(s) will be doing the talking, and which ones will be stepping in to guest improvise (if any), but this will be a doug dank not to miss! and probably a pretty big party-scene afterwards. I could be wrong, but i'm probably not.

May be Mark Meer of Edmonton? May be Becky Johnson of Iron Cobra? Maybe Graham Wagner of Iron Cobra? -- atually, no, he's not getting here til Friday... Maybe Josh Dean of Edmonton and tv fame? Jacob Bannigan? Alistair of Vancouver fame??
Mannnnn, you just cant lose with any of them.
Show the hell up!~!

The Doug Dank Project
PushPush Theater
Wednesday at 10pm
$5... what? that's RIDICULOUS!

Friday, August 22, 2008

In honor of Fay

Let's take one more look at the hilarious small-bug freakout that trumped news about an approaching hurricane.

via Josie

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

YOU could be one of the guest storytellers at Doug Dank tonight!

Here's the deal:

No pressure!
The Doug Dank Project improvisors will have audience members write down brief titles to their real life personal stories. We pick five or six to post up or write on a board ( or place in a hat). We do the usual show, however, when any improviser chooses, they can jump out of a scene or walk onstage to pick from the hat, and announce the title of the next story. We ask the audience member to stand up and tell that story from the audience. Everything else is the same---just with YOUR awesome stories, that you can pick beforehand.

then you can sit back down, have a sip of beer or wine or soda, and relax for the rest of the show.


come out, tell your friends! pass this along if you know anyone who would be interested in either doing or seeing the show! word of mouth is a broke-ass show's best friend.
Short notice!
Still at PushPush Theater in Decatur.
Still $5.
Still at 10pm, Wednesday night.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

To be honest, i thought i was too good to be true.


so, i'm pregnant. i think most of you know this. some of you may not.
and i went online looking up paints, and which ones i might be able to actually use, being pregnant and all.
and i saw one on the home depot site, that said it was VOC-free.
it was called The Freshairre Choice.

Man, does that sound familiar.
But i haven't painted anything in a long, long time.

I guess it should sound familiar...

we'll see you next time.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dear St. George,

i just fed some apple to a fiddler crab.

for real.

though it sounds like maybe a song lyric.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

John Benzinger takes the stage to act like himself for Doug Dank

Atlanta actor John Benzinger will be the guest storyteller this Wednesday at The Doug Dank Project over at PushPush Theater. 10pm. Only $5. You might not want to miss this.

Read about him HERE, in his very own creative loafing interview, or for a quicker snippet, here's the official DDP bio:

Actor at night, corporate lackey by day...has been recently seen performing in Some Men, Octopus & Dark Play at Actor's Express as well as navigating thru PowerPoint presentations noting "value proposition" for technology companies in odd places such as Norcross. John is an Artistic Associate and regular performer at Dad's Garage and has been seen on stage with many other theaters in Atlanta since moving here from Newburgh, NY in 1997.

PHOTO CREDIT: Stacey Bode Photography.