Monday, June 30, 2008

Vince Canlas at the Doug Dank Project, July 2nd

the official Doug Dank bio from the Doug Dank site:

As an Atlanta-based actor since the mid 80's, Vince Canlas has worked in just about all areas of the "talent" category, whether it be on-camera, on stage, on the mic or as a back/torso model for a Kimberly-Clark product. He claims, to stay busy, it's sometimes about niche marketing, so he has no qualms about working the "Token Asian" angle in productions.

When Vince is not in front of the camera, he is behind it working as a video producer and in-house photographer for INPO, a non-profit organization that works with nuclear utilities to ensure the safe and reliable operation of nuclear plants.

He is the proud father of a 14 year old son, Branden, who's followed in his Dad's interest in acting.

Vince is also a Leo.

How weird! I was a back and torso model for "Colleen's Smock Locker" in downtown Slampsberg! WEIRD.

Come on out:


10pm - 11pm

PushPush Theater


UGH! Sorry! he just has so many awesome pics

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Update to R. Land gallery

what a fun partay.
awesome odd odd crowd.
for $5:
lots of food
an ice cream cooler (i got an orange creamcicle!)
free beer/wine
some band that was really weird and great. i mean, like a marching band. kind of.
some pretty neat art.
i think my fave was painted on a camaro hood.
he sold a LOT of things....
and the gallery i believe i heard will be open thurs-sundays month of july.

My update is to my previous quote about his art being reasonably priced. For those of you reading who are sorta in the same financial dingy as me, that's not completely true.
he used to have some cheaper Loss Cats, and maybe still does. yep. and that's cool. this newer stuff is bigger. and more expensive.
What ARE affordable, and DO still make an excellent gift, are his prints, posters, smaller paintings, t-shirts, stickers, light switch plates, magnets, etc...... He's an excellent merchandiser, i will give him that. go r.


Loss Cat

Saturday, June 28, 2008


R. Land month-long art gallery opens tonight in L5P!

Seems that he's renting the space next to Bang On! in L5P for a month.

Tonight, Satradee the 28th, is the big opening.
Starts at 8, goes til around noon--i mean, midnight.

I don't think it's like a closed event or anything.

if you're in the area, stop in!
Or stop by at some point during the month of July.
His stuff is reasonably priced, and i've found that a piece of r. land art makes an excellent, weird gift.

LOSS CAT! (i could listen to that cat cry 50 times in a row.)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"What's your beef, Stew?"

I've done no research whatsoever, but my google calendar says that the improvised sitcom "The Factory" is supposed to come on this coming up Sunday! I believe it's going to be on Spike.
If memory serves, i blogged about this before, because it's a Mitch Rouse project -- Mitch was in Laughing Matters here in Atlanta a long time ago, with Tommy Futch, Leslie Sharp (the Simpson to my Snatch), Keith Hooker (the hooker to Leslie's Simpson), et al....

He also was a co-creator (so say the credits, right robert? you know more about this than me) of Strangers with Candy, and apparently is good friends with Amy Sedaris, Stephen Colbert, Paul Dinello, etc.... They were all in Exit 57 together, and i'm guessing did Second City at same time.

anyway, the show The Factory has as one of the leads David Pasquesi, better known to SWC fans as Stew the Meat Man. I've also heard from people who've seen him at improv festivals, that he's a pretty amazing improvisor.

i hope the show's successful!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I'm asking you to join the email/blog army

Dave Willis, co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies (which he so graciously cast me in) on Adult Swim (Cartoon Network), will be doing the storytelling this wednesday at The Doug Dank Project!

We need and want you to come out this week for this.
We need and want you to tell your friends about this.

But above that, we think you SHOULD come out for this. Talk to me for a little bit, and you'll find there are a LOT of things i think you should do. But of all of them, THIS involves much less effort, and MUCH more enjoyment.

Here is Dave's bio for himself, which is part true, part notsomuch.

Dave Willis is a writer and producer of cartoons for Adult Swim. He co-created "Aqua Teen Hunger Force" and provides the voice of Meatwad and the irascible next-door neighbor, Carl. He is also a writer and producer for "Squidbillies" and is currently working on an animated pilot entitled "Cheyenne Cinnamon and the Fantabulous Unicorn of Sugar Town Candy Fudge".* With his wife Jane, he is also the author of "Doing Task-Based Teaching", a manual that provides teachers with a better understanding of task-based learning and how to incorporate tasks with textbook material. He is also a pastor and author of the blog "Faith, Fatherhood and Free Time" He is also a realtor in Charlotte, NC. He is also a starting midfielder for the footballers of Gisborne City, New Zealand. He is also the legendary Glasgow-born comedian who died in 1935. He is also a professor at the School of Dentistry at the University of Louisville. More information on Dave Willis can be found at **

So, come on out Wednesday night at 10pm, and more importantly, tell your friends who are huge fans of Dave's writing, Dave's voice characters, or Dave's shows in general. He's a hometown celebrity, if i may be so bold, and it will make you just better if you're there.
Show's only about an hour long, tops.

Only $5!???! What?!!?
PushPush Theater. in Decatur.

*end of truth

**except this, which is technically true.

Friday, June 20, 2008

moisten manapkin, inDEED!

This is a play-along.
Put yourself in my place as you read.
It will be more effective, i think, and render me more idiotic.

At a red light.
left hand on steering wheel.
Right hand holding cup of ice-cold lemonade.
straw in mouth.
Light turns green.
Completely release cup to move right hand to shift to first gear.
Straw stays in mouth.
Cup of ice-cold lemonade falls immediately.
of course.
flips 180 degrees during fall.
lands completely upside down on crotch.

lemonade saturates my underwear.
all i could repeat over and over again was, "WHO DOES THAT??! WHO DOES THAT?"

NOBODY was in the car to witness this.
This is the real crime.

AliBaba Falafels...

are the shit.


next to variety playhouse.
i think it's the hot sauce that gets me.

it gets me, like you don't. ya know?

If you know about all that's going on in my life lately, you know how funny it is that i'm blogging about falafels. I'm at the point now that it's all too long of a story, and would end up like just a lot of bitching, but maybe i'll take a shot at it soon.

But for now, falafels are GOOD.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

GAH-LEEEE! Listen up, you guys, stop what you're doing and read.

Come on out to see The Doug Dank Project! Improv based on the true stories of Christian Danley.
New storyteller every week.
NEXT WEEK: Dave Willis! Co-creator of Aqua Teen Hunger Force and Squidbillies on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block.

Christian Danley is returning the Doug Dank Project, but this time he won't be improvising, he'll be telling us some stories about himself, his life, his friends, his family, his dogs, or whatever else he happens to want to do or say at the particular moment.

Here's the official word:

"Christian makes cheaply animated and even cheaplier written cartoons for Adult Swim. Cartoons like Sealab 2021 and Frisky Dingo. Christian performed improv and was an ensemble member at Dad's Garage Theatre for about 6 years. He will be writing and performing in a new play at Dad's this summer titled FWD. Visit his website for even less information:"

Here's the unofficial word:

Christian's a friend.
I'm so glad he's doing the show.
he's so super talented, i'm intimidated by him sometimes, to be honest.
We are very different, but can still laugh very very hard together, especially when there are "hockey scores" being checked. i like hockey. i love checking the hockey scores.
His blog is something i check regularly and you should too.
He's currently co-writing a new adult swim show with many of the crew from Frisky Dingo/7030 Productions. If this is too much, or too little info, christian, lemme know. feel free to correct me/add in the comments.
He's a fantastic illustrator (not sure what his exact titles are), artist, he's a good cook, has a wife that i also LOVE, is an Apple enthusiast/expert, and he may secretly be a robot.

I think that is worth $5 and 50 minutes of your time, don't you?

PushPush Theater in Decatur.

Wednesday nights

about an hour long, straight through.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

doug dank gets pounded by le sex-o-flex

Dana Swanson is coming to tell her stories at The Doug Dank Project tomorrow (Wednesday) night! (After the gene wilder show on TCM....).

Dana Swanson is but a small cog in the giant machine of cable television by day. By night, she is the lead singer of the fake sex band Le Sexoflex(, whose jiggle jammin' songs include such classy titles as "Inspire Your Vagina", "Marriott Cock Squat," and the seminal "I Like Your Booty (But I'm Not Gay)."

Since this is her first time monologizing at Doug Dank, she's more than thrilled to share her many odd experiences about growing up as a female nerd in suburban Atlanta, working in the Adult Swim production office, posing as a furry at Dragon*Con, and having fake myspace pages dedicated to her. Dana improvises at Dad's Garage and can be seen on Fridays as "Door #2" in *Samurai Davis Jr. & Dim Sum's Super Happy Mega Funtime Improv Show* and on very random nights as a zombie extra in *Song of the Living Dead*. Dana thinks Doug Dank is totes awesome and hopes he will come out of hiding to walk her down the aisle this fall.

PushPush Theater




Alec Baldwin vs. Gene Wilder on TCM Wednesday 6/4

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