Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Wednedsay, February 27 @ 8pm, 10pm, and/or 11pm (party!)

Following the 8pm Clown Show For Bruno performance and Doug Dank's 10pm opening night for The Last Seen Improv Festival

As you may have heard, PushPush is the place to be this week with artists visiting from Canada, Los Angeles, New York and Berlin! It's all part of our Portal Theater Exchange Project and on Wednesday - it's time to celebrate! Come and get your groove on while building and exchanging ideas with these artists - see you there!

And if you can't make it this Wednesday, come Thursday night to the Goethe Institute at Colony Square at 7:30pm (show and reception with Bruno Artists) and Thursday through Saturday at 8pm at PushPush to the Last Seen Festival.


Hand Held Entree AND Dessert Crepes
from CrepeXpress!

You will love these delightful meals and no doubt will want to try each style.

Serving this Thurs - Sat starting at 7:30pm for Doug Dank's Last Seen Improv Festival. Get there early!

Be sure to check out our calendar for a full schedule of events. There are many opportunities to meet, mingle, and exchange ideas with our local, national and international guest artists.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Apparently, we are to watch out for a email virus called Postcard.

Don't open anything called that.


Wednesday, February 20, 2008

FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: FW: INANE BLUE LAWS --please forward!!

i'm short on time, so gonna just cut and paste this one from my friend Doug.
i've actually written senators about this before. i've written about other, bigger issues, too, but i'm just sayin, this shit is Stupid. notice the capital "S" - i don't capitalize much.

forward along, and SIGN!

unless you're just a sorry old asshole!

This year, there is a bill before the Georgia Legislature that would allow individual counties to hold referendums to decide whether or not that particular county would allow Sunday sales of alcohol. I know, I know, I know…online petitions are meaningless. Usually. This particular petition was mentioned in an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution website last night (http://www.ajc.com/metro/content/metro/stories/2008/02/18/booze_0219.html). So, both the legislative powers-that-be and the conservative Christian groups rallying against such a law are aware of it. It's grown from just over 3,000 signatures to 9,300+ as I am typing.

So, if you detest (1) not being able to buy a six-pack on Sunday and (2) our state's inane Blue Laws….sign it and pass it on.


Yours in booze,


Sunday, February 17, 2008

i hope...

that whenever i die, if the situation warrants a news story, it's not on the weekend, being delivered by the weekend news anchors, who can't sense that the tone of the news they're reading has changed, and that their previous demeanor from the "cat stuck in a tree" story is now an insult to a person's entire life.

can't they just type in "[now look sad or serious]" on the teleprompter?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

DUNCH tomorrow


David Lee Powell at Dunch at the Earl tomorrow.


Thursday, February 14, 2008


so i can...say happy valentine's day!!

Monday, February 11, 2008

Fake Wood ship is setting sail

Last week our guest monologist was someone who came back to Atlanta. This week, it is someone we will be saying good bye to. We welcome back one of the founders of Fake Wood Wallpaper, Alex Orr, before he leaves for Los Angeles.

What?! Yes.

Wednesday, February 13th at 10pm, only $5!

Guest Monologist :
Alex Orr

Alex Orr has worked as a 1st assistant director on several independent features and Miami Ink, a reality television series for TLC. Orr also served as Unit Production Manager on the recent Sundance hit from Atlanta-based POP Films, The Signal. His directorial debut, the political satire Blood Car, which he also produced, appeared in over 30 festivals during 2007 and won the New Visions Director's Award at Cinequest 17.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Hot Dogs....U'll Relish

photo from couple years ago, by Stacey Bode!
She's now a full-time photographer! So, contact her for any photo needs! great kid and wedding photos, plus actor headshots and not-so-ordinary portraits.

Here's her photography blog. lots of great photos there.

I think, at the time of this shoot, her direction was "You're doctors giving someone the really bad news that they're going to die soon."
Knowing that, it makes me laugh-laugh, b/c leslie looks a little sympathetic, but i would hate to hear that news from the "me" in this picture.

Leslie's husband Keith says this is what leslie will look like when she asks him for a divorce, and i've come along for moral support.

i like to think of what you will offer as our motivation in the comments section.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Most Interesting blog hits via google sesarch, lately

Austin, TX: "naked bicycles"

Osseo, MN: "applebees tavern chips recipe"

Northbrook, IL: "dede granger" (a character i do/did for years, i'm sure they were looking for a real person)

Edmonton, Alberta: "burst of juices rushed into my mouth" (see previous day's post). What's interesting about this, is that now when you google search for "burst of juices rushed into my mouth", THIS POST is now the first search result.

and what i think to be the weirdest by far:

Madras, Tamil Nadu, India: "Mary Kraft"

Thursday, February 07, 2008

“Well, when I took the first initial bite, there was a great big pop and then a burst of juices rushed into my mouth and it was delicious.”

via Pecanne Log ladyblogger, christa t.

too too much.

Ladies and gentlemenz, the Deion Sanders' Hot Dog Express!

Also, i love that there's a Valentine's Day Sale for the Deion Sanders' Hot Dog Express.

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Tuesday, February 05, 2008

More to come, mark your calendars!


"I'm Sorry Chirrun..."

OH MY! If you know Marc Cram (human palindrome), you know you should come to this doug dank. If you don't know Marc Cram, i'm telling you, you should probably come to this doug dank. Marc was a long-time Dad's Garage improvisor, puppeteer and actor, he's a musician, playwright, and all-around-super-interesting guy. He had stories out the wazoo beFORE moving to Prague, and i can't imagine what he has to say now.

Our guest monologist this week travelled all the way from Prague to do The Doug Dank Project. Well, that's not entirely true. He actually just finished directing the Southeast premiere of Poker Night At The White House at Dad's Garage. the show runs all of February eevery Thursday, Friday, and saturday at 8pm. It features a lifesize Warren G. Harding Puppet, plenty of curse words, and more.

Wednesday, February 6th at 10pm

Guest Monologist :
Marc Cram
A founding member of Dad's Garage Theatre,

Marc currently resides in the Czech Republic.

He teaches English to kids over there and

is known the world over as Jive Turkey.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Me 'n Eli


This picture is relevant.

Still rather it be Tom Brady.

I'd even prefer it be Greg Brady.

UPDATE: I'm actually kind of proud of lil 'Eli. He did a great job yesterday.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

GO BUY BEER for the Super Bowl!

If you're in Georgia, or another similar Southern state, where politicians and people are ESPECIALLY stupid...Then you have like 2 hours to buy alcohol for Super Sunday.

If you care about football.

Or alcohol.

If you read this blog, though, you probably care about one of those things.

And i know which one.

And i might come to your house tomorrow.

So go buy beer!

I am.

David Lee Powell, musician for "Squidbillies" will be....

...performing at The Earl in Atlanta on Feb. 17th with the Bouldercrest Singing Group for "Dunch."

VERY talented guy, and a lot of fun to drink beerz with, x 12.
You can see and hear him in the special features of the squidbillies dvd.
wasn't it you (DLP), Unknown Hinson, and Shawn (Coleman, from Doppler) playing free-style on different guitars as commentary for a full episode? I watched and listened to that shit live, while you guys were recording it, and it was awesome. you all improvised very well with each other. that was great.

wendell and david at the Unknown Hinson showHere he is, on the right, with Wendell Cox on the left -- wendell plays the guitar for Travis Tritt's band. Many beers sacrificed their lives this night for our sakes.

David, David Lee, who are the Bouldercrest Singing Group?

I expect to hear something in the comments.
Also, go to his blog post London Fog and i think a few of you will find great enjoyment in this story. I know it's long! Just read!

I've never been to Dunch, if you can believe it. Went once, and was a little too hung to sit in the day-old and day-of smoke with music (which was too loud).

But i'll try again.

and i won't be hung.
so i can dunch.

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Freezing time in Grand Central Station

Improv Everywhere (don't like the name)

pretty funny, though.
wasn't dan berman involved with them?