Tuesday, January 29, 2008

"Sins of my old age"

by Brian Bannon.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Brian! we didn't know last night, or we would've told you then!



Sign on up!

this is an upcoming project by rene's friend clark.

"Non-psychopath with criminal leanings"

uhh. that's how i tested in the psychopath test.

via zombie sitcom.

damnintereseting.com has something damn interesting, indeed.

how did you score?
which one of YOU are the psyhopath that i know??
i think i know, but.....

oh man....

too much.

too much, i say!

Sunday, January 27, 2008

"This is our house, and they robbed us!""

I love Carol Channing.
I've seen her live.

i love it.
Her website is a .org?
please go HERE. PLEASE!

And i don't want her to be robbed.
And i shouldn't laugh at her situation.
I really am not laughing at her situation.
I'm just laughing at her.
Also, what is she talking about??

If i had photoshop, i probably would've put a bank robber's mask over John Roberts' face and put a bag with a $ on it in his hand.

But i don't have photoshop.

Friday, January 25, 2008

"i have something to confess to y'all...

when i was young, my face was involved in an explosion."

heard from Miss Florida on Miss America: Reality Check

Pit Bulls...

Are the Dobermanns of the new millenium.
it occurred to me while watching No Country for Old Men that dobermanns used to always be used in movies and tv shows as the watch dogs, attack dogs, barking and growling through fences and at intruders. Usually at someone like Eric Roberts or Emmett Walsh.

you don't see dobermanns as much anymore.
or eric roberts.

emmett walsh has stood the test of time, though.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's SNOWING in atlanta!

Right Now for
Atlanta, GA (30306)
Save Location [ English | Metric ]

Weather for your life

Feels Like

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mel Sharples

sure HATES moonlighting!

and remember Henry? the guy with the thick glasses? he sure liked to make fun of Mel's Diner's food. AND, he's 81 now.

and mel's been dead for 17 years.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Awkward Racial Overtones

Our good friend, and talented writer/actor/stand-up comedian Brian Bannon WON third place in Creative Loafing's 7th annual Fiction Contest!!

He's so good at the self-deprecation, but pretty soon, it's going to be harder and harder to find anything to ...deprecate.

You can hear an interview of Brian and a reading from the story HERE

Go read the story!!

I'm proud of you Brian!


Free Hot Yoga Tomorrow A.M.

9:30 am Monday morning at Decaur Hot Yoga.
Bring a couple bucks for Our House.
Get there early enough to get in and get set.
Especially if it's your first time there.

All you have to bring:

1 Yoga mat *
1 large towel
1 hand towel *
1 water *

It's been a LOooooooong time since i've done yoga. this will be interesting. excited to get back into it, though. I miss the high.

* Decatur Hot Yoga provides these things there for you, for only $1 each rental per day, if you don't have them, or have time to get them or forget them.


Sunday, January 06, 2008

a little background on the Two Williams' House

Annette Stilwell is a casting agency in town. Annette has been in the business for aWHILE. And even if you knew very little about her (she doesn't do, or hasn't done, the actual casting in awhile now, runs the place) you knew that she loves her family. Then, earlier this year, not long after i lost my dad, she lost her husband. and in a very similar fashion. It was quite a blow. Then, later in the year, not long after i lost my niece, Annette's son was murdered, in Atlanta. just heartbreaking. Only 21 or so.
Trying to make sense of it, or at the least, trying to force something good out of all of this, her family teamed up with Clark Howard to build a home for someone in need. In Annette's own words, from the Clark Howard site:

"...And though my own home will never be the same, I am thankful for the memories that it holds. Our home has always been the gathering place for family and friends -- a vital haven of warmth and fun for so many years. The door jam holds the recorded history of each of my children's height throughout the years. Rarely was a meal served that Bill, himself, did not cook in our kitchen. William's room was his self-portrait -- uniquely expressed on every wall was his love for music and art and friendship.

To all who knew them I am presenting a very meaningful opportunity: In Memory of my husband, Bill, and my son, William - and in the spirit of family and home and gathering...
Let's Build A House To Become A Home"

more info can be found at the link above.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

meals that keep giving, in a good way

Please pass this on, or re-post!

via randall:
In an effort to raise additional funds for the "Two Williams Home", a Habitat for Humanity house built in the memories of Bill and William Stilwell this coming January and February, Clark Howard's website is helping promote a Dine-Out night next Thursday, January 10th to assist in the fundraising effort. Check out the link below and try to make it to one of these restaurants next Thursday and raise a toast to Bill and "Willy".


Highland Tap!

i mean, you could just donate money, but you need to eat on thursday night!
or do both! i mean, shit!

Friday, January 04, 2008

How many 5 year olds could you take in a fight?


Thursday, January 03, 2008


...somebody wants fred thompson to be president!!???!

oh, and she's wearing american flag contact lenses.
For realz. NPR wouldn't lie.

Register to vote by January 7th to vote in February 5th Primaries.

Free Hot Yoga!

Changed to Mondays!!
Renovation is over, and the free Ha-Ha-Hot Yoga classes are resuming.
This coming up MONDAY! January 7th. At Decatur Hot Yoga.

Just show up at 9:20am to 9:25am.
Do you have a yoga mat? bring it.
Don't? rent one for $1.

1 large towel
1 hand towel
bottled water (though you can buy there for $1)

FREE! but it's a "karma" class, so bring a buck or three, and it goes to Our House (charity in decatur for homeless families)
I'll be, ahem, SKIING this week, but am definitely starting back the next week, along with my Decatur hot yoga gift certificate i got for Krimmus.

If i can do it, beliiiiieeeeeve me, you can do it.

photo thanks to Heighlo!


Patton Oswalt's "In 2008"

Patton Oswalt

via: Get Your Free Cone

DEATH WATCH: Sean Connery, Ann Coulter (coke o.d.), and either a Beatle, Rolling Stone or Ramone.

The ever-increasing search for extrasolar planets will confirm a distant, habitable twin of Earth.

The YouTube revolution will double back in itself: one of the presidential candidates will do something outrageously embarrassing, and be caught on camera phone. It will be the kind of thing that, just last year, would end a candidacy. However, this candidate, who will have enough twenty year-olds on their staff, will immediately make a hilarious parody video of themselves doing the career-ending thing, and will turn it to their advantage. The White House will be won on a parody video.

One of the following big-budget "event" movies: IRON MAN, THE DARK KNIGHT, STAR TREK or THE WOLFMAN, will be weirdly "non-event". In other words, it will have hidden depths, be challenging and disturbing while still be entertaining, and get nominated for a shit-load of Oscars. Remember, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS is a slasher flick, and JAWS is a monster movie. But they smuggled depth and poetry in under their entertaining candy shells.

One of the nukes or chemical weapons that were carted off before the Iraq War by "persons unknown" will make itself known.

The next great comedian will spend much of 2008 struggling at open mikes, and being hated by established comedians.

An underground, on-line only cannibal restaurant will be discovered.

The Writer's Strike will end...badly.

There will be a massive urban ecological disaster in a major Chinese city.

Harlan Ellison will publish a short story without fanfare which will lead to him being sued for inspiring a murder/suicide pact.

The best album of 2008 will be a country album.

Addendum: It will be Toby Keith. I'm not kidding.

Toby Keith's last album, while not an outright apology, acknowledged that the locker room, jock mentality that got us into the Iraq War did heavy psychological damage on the heartland folks he supposedly speaks for. Plus, he tours a lot with the USO, so he's seeing the effects of his rah-rah bullshit.

I think he's due for a major breakdown, but in a good way. Just like the way John Cougar Mellencamp, who's seen his fair share of the idealistic exploited by the cynical, has become angrier and more radical than a thousand hardcore bands. Toby Keith is going to turn on his fans -- at least, the stupid ones -- and the Bush administration. It'll be the final, most vicious kiss-off to the Bush presidency.*

from mary k
*i'd heard, though, from someone who worked on a movie with him for awhile, that he was a democrat. that he really was a democrat. and had some really great forward-thinking views on things. i guess he sure could, but just doesn't sing about them, cuz none of his listeners would buy???

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

uh-oh, i can't cwose my wegs

belly up

wasn't that a clever title?

for those in the atl area, did "Belly General Store" get bought by a lot of old island women that don't give a shit?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

they did it

they managed to get every terrible person into one film.

diane keaton, queen latifah, ted danson, and katie holmes.

well done. kudos, hollywood! the cinematic equivalent of an anal fissure!

actually, i like ted danson. poor guy. mary steenburgen must've been squalking for a new house.

happy new year!