Monday, March 16, 2009

dis guy's feet

the other night, dan had a fake moustache stuck to the bottom of his shoe.


i just couldn't make my brain tell me what it might be and couldn't put together that it was a fake moustache for several moments even after it was in my hand.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

great gift ideas! and you can support local artists

Anne makes these incredible books and photo albums. she also makes these awesome freehand initial cutouts for your walls. the one below she made for Henry! It's a gorgeous red. buy one or more from her. any of these are great to have for yourself, or they make awesome gifts. i own a couple books, and bought some for hosts of a baby shower.

not sure her etsy page is up and happening, so contact her through the blog if you want to order something from her.

another great idea is jewelry from Julie Geer Kennedy, who lives and works in athens, ga.
Subterranean Jewelry.

Made of clay, and hand-fired (is that the term i'm looking for??). i own an awesome necklace, and bought some for the hosts of a baby shower. they're super cute. and affordable!! Her etsy's here!

Friday, March 06, 2009

too much!!

off the charts with the cuteness.
if he only knew how much money i'd pay him just to sleep. that's a good gig, even in financially good times, much less now, when people are getting laid off right and left.


krystal's ultimate man?