Sunday, December 28, 2008

i realize i open myself to ridicule by saying i've never heard of fail blog

fail blog?

never heard of this before stacey bode sent me something from here.

see more pwn and owned picture

best part of waking up...

yesterday morning, i took me and my baby to meet up with a few film folk at a coffee shop. As i hurriedly gathered up my belongings, and all the baby accessories required to take a baby out of one's home, i thought, "i better drink that water there."

See, everyone needs water, lots of it. But when you're nursing, you can literally feel it being drained out of your membranes and tissue. So, obviously, you need LOTS of water. And i have numerous cups and glasses around the house with water in them. So, i grabbed this glass on the coffee table, and downed the last of the water.

Sometimes? Water tastes like the un-drunk, last sips of an 8 hour old, room-temp vodka tonic that Dan made the night before. Water's funny that way. Really funny.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


"Georgia Snowballs" (.doc)
"Giant Belch" (.mp3)!!
"Mary Dan Henry" (.jpg)
"Mushroom Turkey Tetrazzini" (.doc)
"Puffy Paint Christmas Around the World" (.doc)
"Puffy Paint 2004" (.doc)
"Dede Granger Original" (.doc)
"Sausage Stuffing" (.doc)
"Less Ovaltine Please" (.jpg)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

i almost wish i'd named my baby Invention

Then legally changed my name to Necessity.

worth it? some might say no. i would have to agree.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

then later in the morning...

...i made up a pretty awesome song while trying to sing henry to sleep about Sasquatch going to the store for us, but going to A&P, which was further, rather than going to the Ingles, which was closer. there was a whole verse about why he wouldn't go to the Ingles, i wondered if something happened there to offend him, or if he just thought the produce was better. he went the extra mile for us. literally. to the A&P.

i could really use some sleep.
i should really be sleeping right now.

early early this morning, i got a little irritated at my cat...

...because he was NOT paying attention to me.
"gilbert. gil-gil. gil! gilbert. gilbert! I'm trying to ask you a question."
i said this, then i laughed. not for the obvious reason(s), but because i already knew his answer to the question.

"i was going to ask you if my baby could ride you up and down the hall like in a rodeo."

i said this, then i laughed. but this time for the right reason. that all of this was so ludicrous. AND because i knew gilbert would not allow this to happen.

i need some sleep.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

2 weeks and 3 days ago...

i almost stuck my nipple inside a semi-frozen raspberry for relief.


if i did that now, it would be for pure entertainment.