Sunday, September 28, 2008

Things are getting very real

STACEY BODE, everybody.
Can't thank you enough, stacey.
See all the images at that link, above.

SLIDE SHOW that made me cry, right here.

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

need medicines. foam.

may i --
may i just post a little something from the real world? Specifically, from the (our) government?

"How to get your medicines."
Now's not the time to be asking or answering any questions about how or why i have a peach state health plan booklet. i'm tryin ta keep this bloot presha down. Suffice it to say, the system SUCKS. private and public. health care is a SHAMBLES. and nearly illiterate.

I think Loss Cat's owner maybe has this same plan....

GOD! i could listen to that meow-screech for 30 minutes straight. if i were high. love me some r. land.

oh no....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

squatter's right

Whenever someone actually lifts something up and sets it down, totally doing it the right way, using the legs and not the back, MAN do they look like a clown. ESPECIALLY if it's something that really might not have hurt their back if they used it to lift. We're coddling our backs, is what i'm trying to say.

also, i guess this is how you help a dog that's choking. or wants to be sexually assaulted, then do a comic spit take to reflect how shocked he is. either way, i think it's something we should all know.

Oscar, Melvin, and Irony

These are the names people have for my fetus.

Monday, September 15, 2008

I'd be ok with just hearing the Stone Mountain-old-lady-choking-in-the-eating-contest story again


This is Nick's second time monologizing, and let me tell you his first time was EXCELLENT. His stories were phenomenal. Come see this if you can.

PushPush Theater



Nick is a native of Atlanta who spends half of his time writing children's plays for a large corporate entity that specializes in theme parks and the other half writing about his own neuroses. He is currently editing a collection of short plays and a feature screenplay, one of which he hopes will be seen eventually.

He occasionally acts.

Boy, things sure move fast when you're pregnant

He's moving a lot more, and we've even had a glimpse at his personaity/disposition.

See Ashzelly's picture from the other night.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Noah's Ark Animal Rescue Voting thing

I find it kind of funny, and kind of depressing, that the shelter with the most votes (All 4 the Animals, in VA) has 47,000 (right now), and if just half of those were individual people (rather than multiple votes on multiple days from same people) who gave $1 each, they'd have over $23,000, rather than the $5,000 they're jumping through these hoops for.

Also, Noah's Ark has completely fallen off the whole top 10 list, even getting beaten horribly by a place called "Save Your Ass Long Ear Rescue" in New Hampshire, and the Fancy Cats Rescue Team of VA.

Electronics Recycling Day -- TODAY at Grady High School

Grady - down on 10th street by Piedmont Park - is having their once monthly electronics recycling day. TODAY!

til 4pm.


Clean out your filthy house!

Friday, September 12, 2008

vote early and often

Takes just a second.
no sign-up or anything needed.
This is a great organization i learned about from my friend Widdi, that helps kids and animals (what's the difference, am i right? am i right??! up high, michael!)

How would you like to help Noah's Ark get a $5,000 donation?
All you have to do is go to the Petfinder link below and vote for
Noah's Ark as your favorite animal rescue group. Just like that,
you can help be a part of providing for all of our abandoned,
neglected, surrendered and confiscated friends. This is a wonderful

way to increase your giving - without even having to open your wallet!
Please take a moment to VOTE NOW!!

Monday, September 08, 2008

I didn't even write this post

rene did.
it's the newsletter.
and i'm having trouble even just copying and pasting.

This week The Doug Dank Project is proud to have local hero* Mike Brune join Matt and Dan this week while George is in rehearsals for Cannibal at Dad's Garage, Amber is mending a broken hand, and Rene is in Toronto performing his live improvised cartoon, The Saturday Morning Pajama Jam.

*That scene at the end of The Outsiders where Ralph Machhio saves all those kids from a burning building was based on Mike's own personal experience. Stay Gold Mike.

Wednesday, September 10th at 10pm
Tom is a professional producer and editor in the Atlanta area. He's worked on a nature documentary show for Georgia Public Broadcasting and currently works in the commercial world. An independent filmmaker as well as an improvisor at Dad's Garage, this will be Tom's debut as a monologist in The Doug Dank Project.

~~~~I think that might be an untruth. i think this is his second time.

and i like this picture of him much, much better.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


some people who don't live in atlanta have been asking me if i have pictures of myself pregnant. i do. a couple by my niece, and a couple by Stacey Bode, of Stacey Bode Photography. (here's her official site, that first link is her blog) See if you can tell which is which! and hopefully some more pics from stacey after we figure out when to take some more before it all goes down. ..literally.

the missing link

so much misinformation

someone, i shall not name names, cuz most of the people reading this know this person, and i love the person, and am mostly just making fun of her in a good-natured way, was asking me the other night, "what's a gizzard?"
i couldn't really tell her, i have to be honest.
Her: "Zesto has liver and gizzards on their menu. and the lady working there said it's the thing on the chicken's neck." I expressed some initial disbelief, but then conceded that the lady working at the Little 5 Points Zesto, serving liver and gizzards, probably knows better than me.
Point conceded. Also, i didn't care that much. ...yet.

Then, anonymous friend asks the bartender of the bar/restaurant (i wasn't boozing, i was eating. and not gizzards) where we're sitting, "What's a gizzard?" Bartender: "It's the neck meat of the chicken." Well, ok. That was a quick, confident answer, 2 to 1, gizzard must mean chicken neck...meat...stuff.


Anonymous: "Then what's a liver?"
Bartender: (best, ever-so-slight-beat, then a blink) "It's the liver."

How he did it without being a total asshole, or without the slightest bit of "are you fucking kidding me??" I'll never know. Pretty hilarious. got a big tip from me.

So, just now, I go to google gizzards, to post a related link, and --- it's not the f-ing neck meat at all! GAHHHH! It even has an alternate meaning (general guts, innards or entrails of other animals), but it still has nothing to do with the neck.

In the end, i guess the moral of the story is, don't eat either of these things. Or giblets. don't eat those. which are technically heart, liver and gizzards. but we've already covered that.

Blessed event

as blessed this miracle be...i (and apparently anyone else in the history of babymaking) find it very hard to remember things, so i have lots of ideas for this blog, mostly little things, some pertaining to the glorious blessing wriggling inside of me, many with nothing to do with it at all.

i just can't seem to get them from wherever i am when i'm having the thoughts, to home, where my computer is. i guess this would be a good time for an iphone. Sure, a little notebook would be grand for something like this, but mostly the thoughts occur while driving, so, not so much with the writing or texting.

i'll try to be a little better about this blog???
make it more than the doug dank update?

I thought i'd be slowing down a lot, or have a lot of downtime about this point, so i'd have a more regular schedule, and time every night before a reasonable bedtime hour to sort out my thoughts of the day.... but it's really the same ole, same ole. and i'm glad. i really don't want EVERYthing to change, and don't think it has to.
And as far as i can calculate, that all depends on availability of reliable babysitters. So, ... due date is Nov. 13th. get out your calendars, homies.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Reverend Aitor speaks!

Come see the man who belongs to this moustache!

Come hear the man who suggests i name my baby Cottonwood. "Because then you could call him Cotton. Or just Woody."

Come see his lady Becky Johnson of (one of my favorite comedy groups of all time) Toronto's Iron Cobra guest improvise with the usual crowd (if she is over this nasty cold).

Becky and Rev. Aitor are "an item." Here is their blog.

Rev. Aitor does unflattering portraits of people. here they are on flickr!

The Doug Dank Project!

PushPush Theater




abdominal pressure

i am finding that every time i notice a big baby movement happening, as soon as i tell Dan to look, it stops. And whenever he feels my giant mid-region to try to feel something happen, it's like the baby purposefully just freezes until he walks away. And i feel a bit of pressure for him to perform for people who are waiting for it.