Monday, July 31, 2006

Sleater-Kinney live in concert on NPR

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

"I did not stand you up. I was struck by lightning."

Jen Kelley and Doug Dank, together at last.

Writer/Producer/Talent Agent Jen Kelley of The People Store and Sketchworks Comedy will step up as the storyteller/monologist for The Doug Dank Project this Wednesday night at Push Push Theatre in Decatur behind Figo and The Corner Pub. Jen was also featured as part of the cover story for Issue #3 of CinemATL with ...ahem...Mary Kraft. ...

Jen Kelley and the improv show= $5

beer/wine/snacks/cookies = $very reasonable. i'd go so far as to say fairly cheap.

CLICK for directions to Push Push:

10:00 pm
only about 45 minutes long.
Wednesday, July 26

(me and jen, jen and i, she talks, i plot. it's love, or muuuuurder...or both)

Saturday, July 22, 2006

i love tv commercials!

i kid. BUT, i do love the latest Geico ad with Burt Bacharach at the piano singing about getting rear-ended.
Man, Burt Bacharach is really pretty HOT. When he's not doing this:

and i hate the new Hummer ads. No big surprise, but....

they're about everything that's wrong with people, and celebrating those things.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Cinema de los bebes

If you have, had, have had, plan on having or having had, or know people who have had or plan on having had a baby(s), please watch this film.


These guys I know, Ruben K. Marinara and Girder J. Underlies, KEEEEP bugging me to ask if any of you guys need any of this. So, if you do, let me know and I'll tell them. But if you know Fluid Q. Analysis, don't tell him, cuz i totally blew him off.

Viieagra $3.4
Leevlthra $3.4
Cealris $3.7
Imitrkekx $16.4
Fxlomax $2.2
Uiatrham $0.78
Vioonxx $4.75
Amnblem $2.2
Valikum - $0.97
Xanwax $1.09
Zomma $3
Merlrdlia $2.2

not sure what all of these do, but pretty much, i think they make your wing wong go up or down. Sooo, whichever of those you need.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

As r tends to infinity, let k do what the f it wants

i don't have any. don't plan on it. i think i had a brief thought of getting one. but that left. i think i'm just too cheap. dan doesn't have any either. ...that i know of!!!!!!! --what?
if i did get one, it would definitely be something weird, but small. and funny---- just like "Tattoo!" I wonder how many people have gotten tattoos OF "Tattoo?"
Awwww, snap. Just found a site. But no pictures! Side note: My ex-boyfriend from about 14 years ago favored Herve Villechaize. He was taller. but not hugely. i'm weird.

i used to think it would be hiLARIOUSly funny to get a tattoo of an Irish, fair-skinned, red-headed, freckled-face person's giant face, and always re-apply zinc oxide to the tattoo's nose whenever i was out and about. But I realized I had too much to worry about with my own god damn skin care, than have to keep the O'Zone off of Basal McMelanoma, a-thank you very much.

I thought this was an interesting tattoo. (read: doesn't look like it hurt much.) It's Pi! And he'll keep adding.

Then there's Ne-Ne, whose tattoo looks like it hurt a WHOLE F-ING BUNCH! Can't believe it was applied AND healed so quickly. YIIEEKS!
UPDATE: He says it's peeling like a mo fo.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Awful, Hilarious story

do you have time?

Andisheh Nouraee, I've finally mastered the spelling of your name.

For years it has eluded me, not unlike deep appreciation for Bruce Springsteen.

But now, i think i have it. Let it be known here (comments) and now (when/if you read this) if I am wrong (probably right).

Even googling you brought many different spellings.
Anyway, i think i got it. ...

Wednesday Night!
Push Push Theatre in Decatur
Andisheh (full bio HERE)--who has written 98% of the
stories for the Atlanta alt. weekly news Creative Loafing for years now--will be doing the monologizing and storytelling for the Doug Dank Project improv show this week! His BRILLIANT analyses of comedy in Atlanta did not go unnoticed. a-hem....

Long-form improv and Andisheh = Only $5!

beer, cookies = cheap!

sodas, snacks, etc....

Check the NEW WEBSITE for details and improv/monologist VIDEO from previous shows!


Monday, July 17, 2006

one more song i'm listening to right g.d. now

The Rave-Ups, "Positively Lost Me." Apparently was in Pretty in Pink. Not the soundtrack, but they played it in the movie. I don't really remember much of this movie, so....

BUT, i do remember this song. i don't remember liking it so much.
I think i will step away from the blog for today. I'm feeling loser-y.

A song I am listening to right g. d. now.

that i really like. that surprised me that i liked it.
it's called "Nuclear War." You can listen to it for free.
Right here.

"If they push that button, you can kiss yo ass.....goodbye, goodbye."

"Whatcha gonna dooooooo? Withoutcho ass?"

Now, I read that it's nearly 8 minutes in its original entirety (not on this link, though), and it was released in 1982.
But I'm just hearing it for the first time now. Shouldn't be news to any of you....

You could also find it here.

Primary Elections Tomorrow

Tuesday, July 18th.

And, on a lighter note:
HERE'S a chimp playing Ms. Pac Man.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Drive-By Truckers

In concert.

If you're interested.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I'm thinkin R. B.'s

Republican Bluffing, that is. (pinky finger to edge of mouth, and a sickening squeal, you know the face I'm making.)

Anyone else considering voting on the Republican ticket for the primaries, JUST to keep Ralph Reed out of the Lt. Gov. race?**
It is possible to hate a face.

You can go here to see a collection of current Georgia political ads. Well, that, or turn on a network during the local news.

There's a barrage of negative ads NOW, to try to instill the bad images about competitors and get people off the fence. Then a couple days before the election, they go to the feel good ads to reinforce that people have made the right decision.

Here's a little something I found out the other day from myself:
Ralph Reed gives orphaned babies, fetuses and hobos to casinos, where they're turned into poker chips, slot tokens and sour mash whiskey.
But Greg Hecht ("Give 'em heck! Hecht!" ...brilliant) isn't without his faults, either. Thanks for the heads up, Andisheh! Ask anyone, I sure don't love rape! And don't think it has a place in the Lt. Gov's office!

Is there ONE politician truly serving the public's interests rather than private ones?? One? I challenge you to show me one. And after watching the Spin on Clunky's site.... just sickening.
I only see it getting worse. And once, my sister-in-law said....actually said, "No, President Bush has never lied about anything. In his whole career."


I'm not saying Democrats are really much better. They just BASE their lies on different things, and don't (usually) try to manipulate through and justify with religion/God/Bible.

Now I'm all worked up.
I'm gonna email my nephew, who went from Pre-Med to majoring in Real Estate Development. I want to ask him to take a few ethics classes before he graduates from UGA.

**Updated: I just realized that I ASSUMED that everyone thought the same as me. I wish I weren't so right about everything, then maybe i wouldn't be so judgemental!

No. Way!

Alisdair has a Mohawk.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Monday, July 10, 2006

Writer/Director/Editor/Producer Jay Edwards does Doug Dank this Wednesday!

No, not this Jay Edwards.

This one!

Also, on the Stomp! Shout! Scream! website, his latest journal entry has updates and pictures from S!S!S!'s krazee Festival tours.
Here's me on the DVD cover with a bunch of naked bicyclers in Oregon!

Doug Dank, Wednesday, 10:00pm, Push Push Theatre!

The Primaries are coming!

~July 18th, to be exact~

Get ready for tedious political posts!
But for now, something I got from On the Towns and Dana is a girl.

Please, for the love of god,
Vote for Miss Angela, Vote for Miss Angela**
Sendin out a SOS from here ta Los Angeles.

SOS. Get it?

**Not an official endorsement for Miss Angela, though I'm sure she a real nice lady.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Something I knew, but forgot...

...and something I should've known but never thought thoroughly through.

what i knew:
Black Francis (!!!) is going to be performing at (that place I part-own but have never been to) The Dame in Lexington, KY on Saturday August 12. The booker, Nick, is very excited about this. God, I hope they promote it. I'd forgotten!

What I found out:

A way to spend less time in bars drinking beer:
Drink high gravity beer. The first one I've tried is Rogue Dead Guy Ale, and it was a-tasty. Really a good beer. To me. Only $3.75 at Manuel's. Don't remember what the % was, but it wasn't one of the huge ones, like matt-o had (10%). But after one, i was talking sort of backwards like after a margarita, and I felt trim and lean like a Sears swim suit model.
I had two, and didn't even need to go to The Yacht Club afterwards. I did.

I see this change is going to take patience and discipline.

And what happened to my New Year's Resolution, everybody?? Help me out!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another time yet of the Doug Dank Specialities Festival times

Actor/raconteur extraordinaire Doyle Reynolds (on the left, NOT in drag, for once) will be the monologist for tonight's Doug Dank Project Improv Show!

Come on out!
Push Push Theatre, Decatur.
10:00 pm.
Tonight, Wednesday night. (And every Wednesday)
Only about 45 minutes long.
Only $5.
Only the best place for cookies and beer and improv.

I will see you there.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Necessary Evil Not Necessary?

Uh, Phillip K. Dick's A Scanner Darkly by Richard Linklater is slated to be released in big markets on July 7th, and in Atlanta and others on July 14th.
Where is the marketing? Has anyone seen any adds for it? Am I just not watching TV or paying attention? Find it hard to believe this isn't being pushed more. I'm still planning on seeing it, even without someone telling me to. How's that for initiative?

I also think I might want to see the new Pirates of the Caribbean.
I just thought you should know. I'm going to that one because of the AWEsome marketing efforts, and tremendous cooperative advertising techniques employed. I'm gonna find that damn VOLVO! Volvo's are so piratey and Caribbeanish. What a great idea. I am disappointed, however, in the low number of "booty" references I've heard in conjunction with the movie. I should've worked in the field of my education---we wouldn't have tragedies like this.

Monday, July 03, 2006

shuttle launch a go

despite torn chunk of NASA Tempur-Pedic Swedish mattress foam.

So, enjoy your wine in bed to watch the launch, or if you're like me, you enjoy setting it on the bed and jumping around it.
Either way, I'm drunk. Just look at these people enjoying their mattress!


Ahhhhh, that's more like it.
Babies with loaded diapers lying on a mattress made of bandaid segments.
Much easier to look at. If i could i'd put flames at the bottom and have it blasting off into space.
A glass of wine sure would look great in the lower right quadrant, there. Right, baby?!