Thursday, December 28, 2006

No shows Friday or Saturday

I was mistaken. But there is a BIG OLE New Year's Eve Show at Push Push.
Guest monologist? The improvisors!
Talk about self-absorbed!
Seriously, talk about it. You're the monologist.

New Year's Eve:
~ 8pm-2am
TICKETS ONLY $35 and include:

-The comedy Holiday on Thin Ice at 8-9:30pm
-Buffet w/ smoked turkey & salmon, sides & deserts
-Doug Dank Project (New improv show) 10-11pm
-Countdown and free midnight champagne toast
-Dancing with DJ Baby Courageous

This bash is a 10yr birthday benefit for The PushPush Theater Space and all proceeds go to support the theater!

If you can't do that whole evening:
Come to Doug Dank at 10:00pm, or later just for the party.
From 10:00 - end, "artists" admission will be a pay what you can sort of deal, $10-$25 sliding scale (or up, of course). This is a big fundraiser night.
For anyone who can volunteer that night or over the weekend, the price will be $5-$15 Pay-What-You-Can for the whole night! Contact me or shelby ( to find out what all is needed.

2 things, completely unrelated:
Who doesn't love Betty White?

Am I alone in my crush on Andy Williams?

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Something to always remember

No matter what the era, don't ever let a picture be taken of you like this:

On the other hand, this is a ridiculously ridiculous picture, from which i have received ridiuclous amounts of enjoyment. So, scratch that.
What i'm saying now is, please, no matter what the era, no matter what your level of fame or gayness, please, pose for this picture.
and send me a copy.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Shake it off

Hustle up.
Get back in there.
Stretch it out.

More Danks!
This Wednesday, it's Atlanta actor and roustabout (??) Justin Welborn! (of many many stage productions and films, including: The Signal, Psychopathia Sexualis, The Last Goodbye, and The Other Side).
This is Justin's encore monologist appearance.

Wednesday at Push Push.
The Doug Dank Project.
Cookies? Aren't you sick to hell of cookies right now?
Plenty of snackeries.

Yes, also Hot Mulled Cider, as well!

Not sure of the weekend monologists yet, but there will be Friday and Saturday shows. Check back!

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This week in Dank

Next round of Danks!
This Wednesday, December 20th: admission is $5
Jeffrey Charlton! Look, there's Jeffrey on the left with Winnie from The Wonder Years! Jeffrey is a guy who i seem to have only met a year or so ago, but feel like i met a long time ago. There's something very familiar about him. I've always felt like i've known him. IT'S WEIRD! a great way.
He's an pianist, actor, photographer and currently works at People Store, a talent agency in Atlanta. Very funny, very friendly guy. Come out and see this!
See his full bio HERE.

Friday, December 22nd, AT 8:00pm: (in conjunction with Holiday on Thin Ice- Doug Dank is 1st half) admission is $12
Steve Yockey's back in town! Apparently. He's monologized like 3 times before, i think, before moving up to NYC to pursue a masters in playwriting. Or something like that. His stories are always very detailed and great, making for some excellent long-form improv.

Saturday, December 23rd, AT 8:00pm: (in conjunction with Holiday on Thin Ice- Doug Dank is 1st half) admission is $12
Stephen Scarborough, aka Steve Platinum, is back! This guy has an endless supply of the most ridiculous true personal stories I've ever heard. Jeeeeezooos! Worth the price of admission just for the stories!

Monday, December 18, 2006

"Maybe she was just forgotten to death"

I have a new favorite tv show.
And a new weird crush.

Unfortunately, the show only comes on at 4:00am Fridays and 1:00 am Sundays on WSB
And it was cancelled in 2005.
Actually, strike that, i don't think it's cancelled.
And it's Canadian.
In fact, it's like a super-duper good Law & Order, or maybe more of a CSI. Actually, it's like the two mixed. But Canadian. And, like i said, super-duper good.
It's called Da Vinci's Inquest.


It stars Nicholas Campbell (The Brood, Naked Lunch, et al). I totally forgot about this guy. He's...well, if i used the word "terrific," i'd say "terrific." but i reserve "terrific" for bad things. It's the only way i can use it. sorry.
I immediately thought of nene.
This show is seemingly MADE for him.
This show ran from 1998 - 2005, and i never ever heard of it.

It just sits in places for awhile. They don't jump to conclusions, the clues don't miraculously lead the people to the answer like in most of today's shows. It's a little more internal. Lets the characters just talk at times, but the talking's tight. There was this one shot that followed Dominic Da Vinci (I LOVE HIM, seriously a weirdo crush for me), former detective turned coroner, with a police officer, as they made their way, pretty slowly, through some thorny vines sort of behind a fence. You could hardly see them, but it was a scene. They made little comments, they were very real, it told you a lot about their characters, it was hilarious. Nicholas Campbell, who plays Dominic Da Vinci is a cross between George Faughnan and Dan's Uncle Bill McMullen, with a Buffalo, NY/Canadian accent. He is completely lovable, yet ...i don't know. ...mysterious?

Here's a website with a trailer.
They call Dominic Da Vinci the "Charismatic, controversial and mercurial Coroner"
All the actors i've seen on it are great. I've only seen 2 episodes! but i'm totally hooked.
They openly talk about things like safe injection sites for iv drug users, letting a couple junkie hookers out in the park to score their fix, etc... well, like i said, only seen 2 episodes.
In the "Multimedia" section on the website, they have a short, but interesting little behind the scenes clip, where the writer Chris Haddock, talks about being able to stop and change things during production if he sees something developing that wasn't written.

There's another character besides Dominic (WHO I LOVE) who is really great, named Ian Tracey. A detective who remains so mysterious and understated, yet you listen to every word and try to interpret every action with him, the role is very well acted.

Friday, December 15, 2006

Remember the lady who accidentally cut 3 inches off of my hair on a job?

I auditioned for her again, and she had no idea who i was.
her: "Have we met before? You look kinda familiar."
me: "Mmmm. Maaybe. Not sure. Probably." (run fingers through hair)


Brian Bannon and Doug Teper - This weekend!

As part of the crazy mixed up days of december danks, this Friday and Saturday (15 & 16), The Doug Dank Project will be at 10:30pm each night THIS weekend, as part of the Push Push Holiday on Thin Ice SHow. See Doug Dank in the 1st half, and stay if you like for the second half, HoTI.
Shows on weekends as part of this holiday 2-fer are $12.

Wednesdays are still $5.

This is poorly worded.
It is late.
I am tired.

Friday: Brian Bannon. He was great last time, and i'm sure will rock it again. check archives for my last postings about him! Or the doug dank site for his bio.

Saturday: Doug Teper! He's a congressman? Hey! Very cool dude.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Jen Kelley and Doug Dank, together, for the first time, again!

Did you see Jen Kelley monologolologizing for The Doug Dank Project when she did it last?
If No? Then shame.
If Yes? Then you know she was a great monologistingperson. Great sense of timing. Great stories. Which made for a great improv show.
well....she's back! Encore!
Jen Kelley, fellow cat/animal lover extraordinaire.
Writer, Producer, Talent Agent, Performer
Wednesday, December 13th
Push Push
oh, look! There's me and Jen at Piedmont Park in movie theatre seats!

I promise:
sodas (maybe name brand, possibly BIG K!)
sundry snackeries
...there may even be hot mulled apple cider in the percolator! wow.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

A toy is never truly happy until it is loved by a child.


Kids get too much credit.

Santa Claus & Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer
On Display December 8, 2006 - January 7, 2007
The Center For Puppetry Arts

"Don't miss this incredible opportunity to see two ORIGINAL stop-motion puppets from the much loved 1964 Rankin/Bass TV special Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

Presumed lost or destroyed for over 30 years, these rare puppets surfaced in 2005 and have been recently restored to their original condition. Up until now, these characters have only made brief appearances at a few select trade shows. The Center is proud to be the first museum in the world to exhibit these incredibly rare puppets for public viewing."

Photos by Clay Walker.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Leonard Sharing and Brian Bannon are doing a show together!

Brian writes about it best, but I'll just steal his words--for those too lazy to follow that link--and justify it with quotes!

"Leonard 'Sharing': performance comedian, truck driver, union activist, 3-day Jeopardy champion, former Roller Girls roving ringside commentator and imfamous opening act for Sam Kinison at the Fox Theatre presents not 1, not 2 but about 4 or 5 of his character pieces at PushPush Theater this Saturday night at Midnight.

I'll be killing time in between. Should be just under an hour." Just $5!!

Smells are specific with me

I'm going to take two bottles of lotion back to Kroger. Yes, Kroger brand lotion. I know. Both are "fragrance free." The facial lotion smells like the rubber bath mats at a community indoor pool. The other one, a fragrance-free sensitive skin oatmeal-based lotion, smells like barbie doll hair that's been soaked in rubbing alcohol.

This is all completely accurate. It took a day to really nail it, but this is it.
I thought you should know.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

For THIS i am greatful

That's right. Tomorrow (Friday, De. 8th) is the first of the WEEKEND DOUG DANK PROJECT shows! THIS ONE'S AT 8:00!!
We kick it off with one of my favorite writers in town, Jay Carlson! Visit Gush Party. It's worth it.

Here's his bio!
Jay Carlson will be self-publishing two books in 2007, so clear a little space on your shelf. He's best known for past glory hole, The Plug, which was something. And his 2006 album titled "For This I Am Greatful," was released under the moniker Smoocher, (note from Mary: I have it, it's awesome) which can be found as part of his latest website, Gush Party. Let's see what else. He's been sober for three months. That seems to be going alright, although he really beats himself up for watching way more TV than before. Chips and salsa sound kind of good. Maybe after he takes the clothes out of the dryer.
check the dank site for more info!

At Push Push Theatre in Decatur.

It's a woot-off yawwww

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

December 7th is Leslie Sharp's Birthday!

The Simpson to my Snatch.
Snatch would be nothing but a Snatch without Simpson.
Send some wishes and spankings over her way.
if you don't have her email, email me.
if you don't have my email, you don't probably need my email.
And a Happy BELATED BIRTHDAY TO OVERDROID! His b-day was the 3rd!

I had lost my mind

Finally watched the film The Devil and Daniel Johnston.

Wow. I watched it twice, in the same day.

It's crazy to watch it once, then go back and see the beginning again. Crazy.

It tore me up.
It made me feel crazy.
It made me question the word crazy.
In fact, what a crazy word crazy is.


I highly recommend it.
And if you're inHouston or Austin, you could see him live, this year.
Next year, he's in NYC in May.

Hi, how are you?

Monday, December 04, 2006

Reynolds Raps


Here's a preliminary schedule of all of the December shows of The Doug Dank Project!
PLEASE NOTE the added weekend shows, PLUS, there are 2 shows (on the 8th and 9th) at 8:00! All you early birds who keep saying you can't come out at 10pm....redemption time.


December 6 @ 10:00 pm – Doyle Reynolds (actor) --Doyle's up on the website right now, look at the very awesome picture! hey HEY hey. Doyle is one of my best friends, he's a fascinating person, and a very talented actor. You've gotta come out and see this show. $5!!

your improvisors will be Dan Triandiflou, Rene Dellefont, Matt Stanton, Amber Nash and George Faughnan.

December 8 @ 8:00 pm Jay Carlson (common man enthusiast)

December 9 @ 8:00 pm – Ken Edelstein (editor of Creative Loafing)

December 13 @ 10:00 pm – Jen Kelley (co-producer for Sketchworks and talent agent for The People Store)

December 15 @ 10:30 pm – Brian Bannon (stand up comedian)

December 16 @ 10:30 pm – Doug Teper (Representative, Georgia House of Representatives)

December 20 @ 10:00 pm – Jeffrey Charlton (actor)

December 22 @ 8:00 pm – Steve Yockey (playwright)

December 23 @ 8:00 pm – Stephen Platinum (founder, Platinum Championship Wrestling)

December 27 @ 10pm - TBA

Plus, there may be a New Year's Eve show. Does that sound like a fun idea to you? New Year's Eve show, then dancy-dancing and boozing in to the night? Let us know! We think it sounds like a grrreat idea.

As always, at Push Push Theatre in Decatur.
As always, beer, wine, sodas, cookies, snacks.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Dan's present

I think i set the bar pretty high this year. not sure how i'm gonna top it.
I puffypainted this poem onto a sweatshirt for his birthday:

You are Young
Abraham Lincoln

You are young, and I am older;
You are hopeful, I am not -
Enjoy life, ere it grow colder -
Pluck the roses ere they rot.

Teach your beau to heed the lay -
That sunshine soon is lost in shade -
That now's as good as any day -
To take thee, Rosa, ere she fade.

There's two squirrels on the back, one is old, with a walker and glasses, the other is young and holding a glass of champagne. on a snowy branch. next to a cardinal and holly berries.

" As always, we will be on guard against any moves from the homosexual lobby to further their agenda."

The Georgia Christian Alliance wants you to know this. Along with some info on a run-off election.

30th Nov 2006 17:28



There is one state wide election yet to be decided. It is the race
for a position on the Public Service Commission between David Burgess
(D) and Chuck Eaton (R).

Please remember to cast your vote on November 5th for the candidate of
your choice.

Thank you for Keeping The Faith.
Sadie Fields

In a slightly-related article:
"If you haven’t noticed, in the past two weeks, the homos have hijacked the entire auto industry."